CALCE – Avorio

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Calce Avorio is one of the softest shades in the Calce collection, the range of surfaces by Laminam inspired by the simplicity of a freshly-plastered wall. With the Avorio colour, Calce goes beyond the pureness of pure white by offering a warm, welcoming feeling without sacrificing freshness and simplicity. The slabs come in two sizes (1000×3000 mm and 1620×3240 mm) with different thicknesses depending on the application requirements.

Designed from the outset to be applied both horizontally and vertically, Calce surfaces are particularly suitable for interior cladding or for use in domestic or commercial settings. The colour spectrum is in fact calibrated to fit into any design style and Calce Avorio is one of the colours that best suits any setting. As a neutral colour, Avorio can be successfully combined with different styles and spaces, not only in the home. The Textured finish and the R10 anti-slip finish extend the application possibilities for indoors and outdoors, even exposed to water.






Ceramics & Porcelain

Slab Size

1000x3000mm, 1620x3240mm

Available Finishes