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Quartzforms Veined Michelangelo is a beautiful reimagining of natural stone, revamping its core appearance to conceive a new innovative surface which boasts unrivalled technical characteristics.

Veined Michelangelo Quartzforms are made up of an unmistakable off-white backdrop featuring subtle contrasting veins which run uniformly across the surface. Quartzforms in general offer excellent aesthetic performance, resistance to wear and tear, versatility and hygienic quality – Veined Michelangelo is no different, a highly heat resistant, non-porous and scratch resistant quartzform that is very easy to maintain and highly suitable for all kinds of bathrooms and kitchens.

The origins of Quartzforms Veined Michelangelo can be linked to one of the most famous and celebrated statues around the world, as it looks remarkably similar to natural Carrara marble. It can make any space alive with its authentic marble look while also offering superb performance characteristics when compared directly with actual natural Carrara stone.







Slab Size

305×140 cm (120″ x 55″)

Available Finishes

MATE, Polished