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The Quartzforms Planet Collection offers thickly veined patterns in materials inspired by an alien-like or extra-terrestrial landscape. Planet Neptune is no different with its white and grey backdrop featuring thin darker grey veins dancing across the surface.

Upon closer inspection, planet Neptune quartzform has a lovely uniform white background, long bluish grey veins and fine textured grain, paying tribute to the bluish, opaline sphere we call Neptune in our Solar System. The deep and luminous surface intrigues the senses, while the darker veining pattern running across it is influenced by both time and nature.

Mysterious and truly magnetic, Neptune has always drawn in space explorers and casual observers with ease, holding our attention effortlessly with its dark and regular veins. The bluish hue draws us towards unexplored and unknown worlds, which we never seem to tire of exploring or admiring, for that matter. That’s precisely the kind of timeless ‘magic’ Quartzforms Planet Neptune will add to your kitchen and bathroom worktops.