I NATURALI – Ossidiana Vena Grigia

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Ossidiana Vena Grigia is one of three shades comprising the Laminam ceramic range inspired by this unique volcanic stone. A tribute to a natural raw material originating under the Italian soil and used since ancient times, Ossidiana Vena Grigia is part of the I Naturali series, translating the stone-clad effect into furniture of great character.

Available in the Natural finish in the striking 1000×3000 mm large size, Ossidiana Vena Grigia offers shades of grey inspired by the earth, some of the most common hues found in nature, making it possible to create relaxing, cosy settings in contemporary furnishing projects. Its aesthetic performance results from its reduced Laminam 3/3+ thickness, which makes the ceramic surface extremely lightweight, while still maintaining its characteristic resistance to impact and stress. Ossidiana Vena Grigia is therefore ideal not only installed as flooring, but also as cladding for walls, furnitures and surfaces, in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, pushing the concept of aesthetic continuity on every vertical and horizontal plane to its natural extreme.






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